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Keeping Pets & People Together 
We are excited to share our programs and resources with our community, all designed to benefit the pets (and their people) of Pinal County! "Keeping pets and people together" is our focus. This reduces the flow of animals into our shelters, thereby lowering the euthanasia (kill) rate of shelter animals.

So, whether you find yourself in a difficult situation as a pet owner, or with a stray you have found; or you are searching for a way to become involved in being part of the solution -- we welcome you and invite you to explore our site! We offer problem-solving information and assistance, as well as opportunities to take action.
If You Need Help
There are many reasons why you may be thinking about giving up a pet to a shelter. Regardless of the reason, we're not going to judge nor point fingers. We do, however, believe that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment, and that we, as humans, have a responsibility to provide an environment that satisfies the physical and psychological needs of our pets -- throughout their lives, not just when it's convenient.

What we are going to do is help you keep the promise you made to your pet . . . to love and care for them forever! Scroll down to our "Programs" and "Resources" sections to get started.
If You'd Like to Help Us
As an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization, we depend on the support of our local community. The sidebar on the right shows the ways in which you can help us continue to build, support, educate and save lives.
Why We're Here
Pets In Need Action League was created to address one of the most overlooked but critical areas essential for reducing the killing of shelter pets in Pinal County -- keeping them out of our shelters in the first place! Every pet that enters one of our shelters means one less kennel, and the high probability of another lost life, including the one that just arrived. Read more...
Never Surrender
Are you thinking about GIVING UP your pet to a shelter?
Our Never Surrender program is designed to keep pets out of our shelters by providing alternatives to shelter surrender. If you are a Pinal County resident, we may be able to help you:
  • keep your pet,
  • rehome your pet or a pet you have found, or
  • find temporary care for your pet

Learn More about Never Surrender >
Canines with Class
Since 2009, our Canines with Class team has visited over 8,800 3rd-grade students with its messages of pet care and responsibility, compassion, and safety through an interactive presentation that includes therapy dog teams.

Learn More about Canines with Class >
Lost & Found / Stray Pets
Follow the above link for lost and found resources. 
Pet Care & Behavioral Tips
Follow the above link for assistance with behavioral problems. 
Spay & Neuter
Follow the above link for spay and neuter discussion and clinic information. 
Community Cats and TNR
Follow the above link if your colony of outdoor cats is getting bigger and BIGGER.
Pinal County Shelters / Rescue Groups
Follow the above link for a listing of all local entities. 
Please Note
We DO NOT take animals from the public - nor do we rescue, shelter or provide adoption functions.

These functions are best handled by the 100's of existing rescue groups, the adoption facilities, and animal control agencies in our surrounding communities. See our "Resources" above for contact information for these organizations.
Take Action!
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